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новости » Кошелек из фетра "Земляничка"

   Понедельник, 19 января 2015

felt purse


Needlework kit 1492AC helps to create Strawberry purse from felt with your own hands.


Pleasant to touch, bright, cheerful and useful small accessory is easy to sew on your own! Detailed instructions, photos illustrating every step of preparation, patterns and charts will not leave you any chance to get confused or lost in the process.


Decorating the purse with a composition of flowers and berries will bring joy to any needlework fan. Every element is created in its own way, using different stitches and techniques. Whip stitches give light wave to the leaf. Long and short stitches draw details – seeds and sepals. On the feather stitches grow fruits and leaf. French knots add liveliness and volume to the flower.


needlework kits


Needlework kit includes two colors of stranded cotton threads, four colors of felt, a needle and clasp.


кошелек из фетра


Compact size of felt purse (8 x 9 cm) makes it possible to use it not only for its intended purpose, but also for keeping various small items. The hostess will definitely find a use for it!